With years of experience, our experts will guide you through the system with ease.

Nick Najjar

Founder, My Company Gifts

Nick is a Hall of Fame Cutco representative, selling over $2million in Cutco in his career that has now spanned over a decade. Through Cutco he saw a way for people to brand themselves with a high quality product that would reflect the high caliber of service that our clients provide to their markets. Not only is he extremely well -versed in the  gifting system and the benefits that it provides to our clients as well as their customers, he utilizes the knowledge and experience he has gained in over a decade of working with Top Producers in Real Estate, Finance, Insurance and more to help our clients network with other professionals in the industry who will help to grow their businesses as well.  Nick’s primary focus is now on his publication – REAL Producers of St. Louis which features top realtors in the city and provides information on referral generation, systems to help grow and track their real estate transactions and more, along with connecting the realtors and our partners such as home inspectors, home warranty companies, mortgage lenders and more.

Dianne Collins

Sales & Marketing Director

Dianne joined the Najjar team in 2015 after her amazing career as a chef and scuba instructor. Dianne brings a true vibrancy and positive energy to the team, and has a true passion for helping our clients to get what is going to serve their business and their customers in the best way possible. With her past experience as a chef, she has a broad knowledge of what products will best serve a particular customer the best in their home and kitchen, and is able to assist our clients with a customized system to fit their business that their customers will love and appreciate for a lifetime. Dianne has done a fantastic job of helping our clients take their business to the next level, and really has a focus on building a long-term partnership to benefit those we work with.