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At My Company Gifts, our focus is on teaching our clients the most effective strategies to appreciate loyal clients, referral partners and employees and grow their business. We have developed a Speaker Series on topics that will help you make time for what’s most important to your business growth, leverage your resources and identify your strengths.


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Nick Najjar began his sales career when he was a teenager with Cutco Cutlery. He built his business solely on referrals in the toughest sales industry on the planet. 100% commission based, direct, in-home sales. In a little under 2 years he signed up 1,400 customers and is currently the #35 distributor all time out of over a million plus independent distributors for the Cutco Corporation.

In 2010 Nick founded his business “My Company Gifts” which helps professionals double their referral business and retain every client through gifting and appreciation programs. In this business he’s created 2,000 plus customers and that number grows daily.

Nick writes for “Inman News” which is one of the largest real estate publications in the world. He also owns and publishes the premier trade magazine for the top real estate agents in St Louis, Real Producers.

Nick’s message focuses on teaching sales people to massively increase their sales production through referrals. His keynote message is on the topic of his upcoming book “The Secrets of the Top 1%, How to Get There and Stay There”.


3 Ways to Double Your Referral Business in the Next 3 Months

For those in a sales role who want to grow their business organically and generate warm leads through current contacts. You will learn

  • the basics of generating referrals
  • the best ways to ask for and convert referrals
  • how to make use of every opportunity to ask for referrals

Secrets of the Top 5% Working Professionals

For anyone in business who wants to get to the top. You will learn the habits, mindset, rituals and lifehacks of the top 5% of working professionals.


Additional Topics

  • 7 Keys to a Revenue-Driven Gift Program
  • The 5 Biggest Things Preventing Your Real Estate Success
  • 4 Opportunities to Showcase Exceptional Customer Service
  • 3 Secrets to Multiplying Referrals
  • 4 Soul-Searching Questions to Ask Before Buying Online Leads
  • 7 Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents
  • 4 Ways to Retain Your Clients